Integration of learning and discovery of knowledge

The integration of learning and discovery is a hallmark of the undergraduate experience at Montana State University, which offers every student a hands-on research or creative project in his or her sophomore year. MSU has become a model university for combining these two critical aspects of higher education.

With outdoor laboratories as close as Yellowstone National Park, MSU students have ample opportunities to pursue exciting projects throughout their college careers. Not limited to the sciences, those projects also include such artistic endeavors as original musical compositions, paintings and architectural designs.

MSU Research Areas

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Solar Physics

solar physics

MSU's renowned solar physics group engages in research to explore the sun as a star and source of energy.

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Solar Physics

Department of Physics

Imaging and Chemical Analysis Laboratory

Montana Space Grant Consortium

Space Science and Engineering Laboratory (SSEL)

Spectrum Lab



Spanning crops, livestock, vaccines and climate change, MSU is making new discoveries that advance agriculture.

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College of Agriculture

Montana Ag Experiment Station

Agricultural Marketing Policy Center



Multidisciplinary research groups at MSU translate the study of light into technological advances.

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Optical Technology Center

Spectrum Lab

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Department of Physics

Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

Mathematical Sciences Department

Cold Science

cold science

MSU leads the way in cold science to gain a better understanding of avalanches, global warming and the origins of life on Earth.

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MSU Subzero Science and Engineering Research Facility

At MSU snow, ice and cold are hot science

Yellowstone Ecosystem

yellowstone ecosystem

By increasing our knowledge of Yellowstone ecosystem, we hope to improve our under-standing of how ecosystems change over time.

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Dept of Chemistry

Dept of Ecology

Dept of Microbiology

Montana Institute on Ecosystems

Thermal Biology Institute

Undergraduate Research

undergraduate research

The innovative Core 2.0 curriculum ensures every undergraduate student participates in a research or creative experience with a faculty mentor.

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Hughes Undergraduate Biology (HUB)

IdEA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE)

McNair Scholars Program

Undergraduate Scholars Program