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John Seifert, PhD

John Seifert

Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator

Health & Human Performance

103E Romney
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717-3360

Programs and Research Projects

Dr. Seifert teaches undergraduate and graduate classes in exercise science.  His academic training and experiences are grounded in Exercise Physiology.  He spent four years in corporate research and development at the Gatorade Exercise Physiology Laboratory.  He has broad research interests that include downhill skiing, nutritional supplements and exercise performance, cycling performance, and physiological responses to cold exposure.  He has recently published studies involving downhill skiing and muscular fatigue, markers of chronic fatigue in downhill skiing, and the influence of a heat and moisture exchange mask on blood pressure in hypertensive patients during cold exposure.  Future research work of Dr. Seifert and graduate students include the role of carbohydrates and proteins in rehydration, the influence of fitness level in physiological stress during downhill skiing, the change in markers of health and fitness during a season of downhill skiing, power development in ski racers, and the influence of cold air inhalation on pulmonary and cardiac functions in COPD patients.