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The undergraduate major in Health and Human Performance (HHP) at Montana State University is a general pre-health professional curriculum that prepares students for health-related graduate programs (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical school, etc.), exercise science graduate programs (e.g., exercise physiology, health promotion, biomechanics), as well as entry-level occupations within the health and wellness industry. HHP majors can choose to focus their course work within one of the following curriculum options: exercise science or kinesiology. Students within the exercise science option intend to pursue a health-related graduate degree to meet their career aspirations, whereas students within the kinesiology option will pursue careers within the health and wellness industry that do not require a graduate degree.



Hilary Becker

Hilary Becker, MS

NTT Instructor

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Jim Becker

Jim N. Becker, PhD

Asst Professor

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Lenka Beranova, MS

NTT Instructor

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David Graham, PhD

Asst Professor

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Dan Heil


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Mary Miles

Professor and Program Leader

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John Seifert

Assoc Professor and Graduate Coordinator

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