Paul Rusesabagina with sponsor Geri Bellino, and Carmen McSpadden

Real life hero of Hotel Rwanda, Paul Rusesabagina, with sponsor Geri Bellino and the Director of the MSU Leadership Institute, Carmen McSpadden.

Founded in 1997 to provide leadership opportunities and inspirations to students, the MSU Leadership Institute offers answers, resources and connections for developing leaders of in our world. Acting as a catalyst to the awakening of students' natural leadership skills, communication abilities and creativity, the MSU Leadership Institute empowers students to be proactive and visionary members of society. Several opportunities exist for those interested in contributing to the continued work and excellence of the MSU Leadership Institute.

The MSU Leadership Institute is a charitable organization and is tax exempt under 501(c)(3). If you would like to learn more about the Leadership Institute or are interested in supporting a leadership program at MSU, please contact us via email at

Current MSU Alumni and Private Sponsors


    ASMSU is the student government association serving as the elected voice of the students of Montana State University-Bozeman. The mission of ASMSU is to enhance the overall educational experience of students by providing leadership and employment opportunities, and by providing diverse student oriented non-academic programs and services cost-effectively through responsible fiscal management of student activity fees.

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    The MSU Alumni Association serves as the liaison between alumni and Montana State University and works to develop loyalty and commitment between the two entities. It provides the opportunity for alumni to stay informed, be involved and remain supportive of their alma mater.

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    The Parent Family Association supports parents and families as their students navigate the campus of MSU. They provide programs and activities, develop resources, communicate with university administration, and raise funds for scholarships and other functions which directly support student success.

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