Montana State University

McNair Scholars Program

Montana State University
240 Gaines Hall
P.O. Box 172560
Bozeman, MT 59717

Director and Co-P.I.

Shelly Hogan, Ph.D.

Administrative Associate

Kate Delaney

For more information:

Tel: (406) 994-5072
Fax: (406) 994-7989

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to apply if I am...

  • an international student?
    No. Students must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

  • graduating this semester?

  • a part-time student?
    No. Students must be enrolled at MSU full-time.

  • a graduate student?
    No. Students must be completing their undergraduate requirements and be planning to apply for graduate school.

  • a freshman?
    Not yet, but maybe next year. Students must have sophomore standing (i.e. have completed atleast 60 credits by the time they start the McNair Scholars Program). Once you have sophomore standing, you can apply if you meet the other eligibility requirements (see "Prospective Students").
  • a minority, but not first generation or low income?
    Yes. If you are a minority student, you do NOT have to be first generation or low income.

  • low income but not first generation?
    No. Students must be BOTH first generation and low income to qualify under this category.

My parent went to college but did not earn a bachelors degree or earned an AA degree. Am I considered first generation?
           Yes. You are considered first generation as long as neither parent earned a bachelors degree before you turned 18.

Do I have to choose a Faculty Mentor from the list on the website?
            No. Your Faculty Mentor can be any faculty member on campus. That list is only of faculty members that are already working with the McNair Scholars Program. There are numerous faculty across campus who are excited to mentor McNair Scholars and we will work to get you partnered.

Can I be involved in other programs or receive other scholarships if I am a McNair Scholar?
            Yes. We encourage McNair Scholars to be involved with other programs on campus. We will work with students to customize their experience in the McNair program if they are involved in another program with similar requirements.

Can I participate in a summer project off campus?
            Yes. You must outline the project with your Faculty Mentor and get approval from the McNair Director. If you are thinking of doing your summer project off campus, please discuss with the Director.

My major doesn’t have scientific research. Can I still apply?
            Yes. Students from those majors that do not perform traditional research will design scholarly projects with the Faculty Mentor which incorporates research, literature, and scholarship into their undergraduate program as a McNair Scholar.

What kind of graduate degree do I have to attain?
            The ultimate goal of the program is for students to be successful in earning their doctorate.

Do I have to attend graduate school at MSU?
            No. McNair Scholars can apply for graduate school anywhere in the nation. Typically most graduate school programs will waive the appliation fee for McNair Scholars (please discuss with the Director when the time comes).

Does the program help me financially once I am in graduate school?
            No, but your participation and completion of the McNair Scholars Program will undoubtly improve your candidacy for securing graduate school funding (e.g. felloships, scholarships, assistatantships, etc.)


If you have any other questions, please contact the McNair Scholars Prgram office.