Montana State University

McNair Scholars Program

Montana State University
240 Gaines Hall
P.O. Box 172560
Bozeman, MT 59717

Director and Co-P.I.

Shelly Hogan, Ph.D.

Administrative Associate

Kate Delaney

For more information:

Tel: (406) 994-5072
Fax: (406) 994-7989

Sample Timeline

This timeline is only a guide to show you how the program is outlined.


Summer 1
(students who have completed completed 60-credits in their program of study)

  • Participate in 10-week research/scholarly project with your mentor
  • Receive a summer tuition waiver for 3-credits
  • Receive a McNair stipend
  • Receive summer meal plan
  • Apply for summer room waiver if living on campus
  • Attend GRE Preparation Workshop the week before classes start in August
  • Participate in an educational and/or cultural activity with other McNair scholars, mentors, graduate students, and program organizers
  • Evaluate the summer McNair activities and project experiences

Junior Year

  • Continue work with mentor on project (optional)
  • Attend McNair seminars, workshops, and social events
  • Submit an abstract of research project to be presented (poster and/or oral format) for inclusion in both the McNair Scholars Research Symposium in December and at the MSU Student Research Colloquium in April
  • Meet monthly with the Director and your Faculty Mentor
  • Prepare for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) exam by taking 3 practice exams
  • Attend the Annual McNair Spring Banquet
  • Evaluate McNair activities

Summer 2

  • Participate in 10-week project
  • Receive a summer tuition waiver
  • Receive a McNair stipend
  • Receive summer meal plan
  • Apply for summer room waiver if living on campus
  • Participate with the new cohort of McNair scholars, during lunch and social events (e.g. Spring Banquet)
  • Serve as a program guide and peer mentor to in-coming juniors who share similar academic interests
  • Evaluate the summer McNair activities and project experiences

Senior Year

  • Continue work with their mentor on project (optional)
  • Attend lectures, workshops, and social events. 
  • Work with mentor on graduate school applications
  • Take the GRE (summer and or fall semester)
  • Visit a graduate school(s)
  • Apply to graduate schools
  • Apply for graduate school fellowships, scholarships, and other funding opportunities
  • Submit abstract to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) or a discipline-specific regional or national meeting
  • Present research in either poster or oral formate at the MSU's Spring Research Celebration
  • Meet regularly with the Director and academic advisor
  • As needed, utilize the MSU Writing Center, Math Center, and other academic and student support services offered by TRiO and the Department of Native Studies
  • Exit interview and McNair Scholars Program post assessment evaluation

Graduation & Enrollment in Graduate School

MSU's McNairScholars Program staff will be in contact with you to get annual updates as to your graduate school successes.