NPTT provides an affordable route to teacher licensure for career professionals who are interested in a transitioning into the classroom seamlessly from prior careers.


We are no longer accepting applications:  

Montana State University announces the closing of innovative teacher licensure program

After fourteen years of operation the Northern Plains Transition to Teaching program at MSU is coming to an end.  Program Director Dr. Robert Carson explained, “We are pleased that this NPTT program has had such a great run, and contributed as much as it has to the production of high quality teachers over the years.  We created the program to serve a particular niche audience of adult learners, and to address specific recruiting needs of public schools during the era of No Child Left Behind.  The need for this particular program has diminished with time, while interesting new challenges now beckon.  With mixed feelings of both pride and sorrow, we recognize that it is time to bring NPTT to an end so we can focus our energies on the challenges facing Montana’s public schools today.”    

We will continue to serve our students who are already enrolled in the program.