Each year, MSU Parking Services holds an auction for bicycles we have accumulated as a result of the bicycles being left or abandoned by the community. After the conclusion to each spring semester, the bicycles that have been determined as abandoned are picked up by Residence Life and brought to Parking Services. We then will hold an auction near the start of the following fall semester.

This year, the 2018 Annual Bicycle Auction will be held on Saturday, September 8th. The gate will open at 9:00 AM for an hour long viewing. The vehicle auction will begin at 10:00 AM and will last one hour. The bicycle auction will follow beginning at 11:00 AM and lasting until 1:00 PM. The auction will take place at the MSU Police Department on the corner of South 7th Avenue and Kagy Boulevard. A full list of bicycles will be posted in various locations throughout Bozeman including, the Bozeman Public Library, City Hall, the Law and Justice Center, and in the Strand Union Building next to the Ask Us desk. 


For a full list of the bicycles that will be in the auction please check the table below.



Bike # Make Model Color
1 Hyper Havoc Black
2 Hotrock Specialized Orange
3 Genesis 29 White
4 Trek 4500 Alpha Red
5 Giant Iguana Black
6 Mongoose Spear Green
7 Hyper Havoc FS Black
8 Trek 3700 Black
9 Giant Avalanche 3.0 Black
10 Trek 820 White
11 Giant Revel Red
12 Trek Precise Purple
13 Road Master Terrain Blue
14 Raleigh 30 Pink
15 Schwinn Criss Cross Black
16 Schwinn Impact Red
17 Mongoose DXR-AL Silver
18 Road Master MT Sport Purple
19 Nishiki N/A Silver
20 Road Master MT Fury Blue
21 Genesis V200 Black
22 Mongoose XR-75 White
23 Next X Elite Black
24 Triace AL2.1 Blue
25 Huffy Nassav Red
26 Hyper Shocker 26 Black
27 Urban Firmstrong Yellow
28 Schwin Median Blue
29 Specialized Rock Hopper Black
30 Mojave N/A Green
31 Road Master Granite Peak Black
32 Magna Great Divide Pink
33 Trek 2.0 Naviator Silver
34 Mongoose Ledge Orange
35 Road Master N/A Red
36 Huffy Cranbrook Orange
37 Road Master Mtn. Sport Red
38 Huffy Spoa Silver
39 Road Master Granite Peak Black
40 Huffy Dual Suspension Red
41 Schwinn Solution Black
42 Rhino Outcast Silver
43 Mojave Gulch Purple
44 Free Spirit White Mtn. Black
45 Mongoose Excursion Black
46 Road Master MT Fury Multi
47 Mongoose Spectra Green
48 Road Master Granite Peak White
49 Road Master M Sport SX Blue
50 Schwinn SX2900 Red
51 Diamondback Apex White
52 Road Master Granite Peak Black
53 Huffy Trailrunner Gray
54 Road Master Granite Peak Gray
55 Next Xelite Black
56 Ironhorse XT1800 Black
57 Schwinn High Timber Silver
58 Next Power X Red
59 Road Master Hurrican Ridge Purple
60 Schwinn Ranger Purple
61 Pacific DS2 Silver
62 Specialized Hardrock Blue
63 Diamondback Resonse Exe Blue
64 Hero V4 Silver
65 Huffy Shimano Purple
66 Diamondback Edgewood XL Red
67 Road Master Granite Peak Silver
68 Diamondback N/A Teal
69 Huffy Rockcreek Silver
70 Specialized Expediton Black
71 Huffy Tundra Blue
72 Trek Antelope Black
73 Road Master Adventures 700 Blue
74 Fuji Ultratrac Pro Gray
75 Kent Terra Blue
76 Pengot N/A Blue
77 Titan Trailblazer Black
78 Hyper N/A Black
79 Mongoose Excursion Black
80 Mongoose Iboc Blue
81 Magna Tiger Orange
82 Huffy  Supreme Purple
83 Next GauntletX Black
84 Diamondback Recoil Gold
85 Schwinn Mesa Yellow
86 Huffy  Aviator Pink
87 Trek Multi Track Green
88 Next Power X Red
89 Schwinn N/A Teal
90 Diamondback Insight Gray
91 Fair Haven N/A White
92 Platinum Roadster Blue
93 Road Master Granite Peak Pink
94 Huffy  N/A Purple
95 Huffy  Might Hawk Green
96 Nishiki Cascade Black
97 Mongoose N/A Black
98 Next Breakpoint Blue
99 Glacier 10 Speed Teal
100 Kent Vitesse 2600 Black
101 Huffy Red Rock Pink
102 Next Dual Suspension Pink
103 Main Street N/A Brown
104 Huffy Ecoterra Green
105 Raleigh SC30 Blue
106 Bianchi N/A Blue
107 Univega N/A Red
108 Road Master Granite Peak Blue
109 Kona Lava Dome Blue
110 Genesis N/A Black
111 Kent Flex Dr. Black
112 Next Dual Suspension Black
113 Quest Rocket Red
114 Karaydam  GT Gray 
115 Lajolla Street Cruiser Black1
116 Lunar N/A Red
117 Diamondback N/A Black
118 Huffy N/A Black
119 Schwinn Frontier GS Green
120 BCA N/A Blue
121 Diamondback Outlook Black
122 Diamondback Sorrentose Red
123 Raleigh M60 Gray
124 Next PowerX Red
125 Diamondback N/A Black
126 Roadmaster Granite Peak Black
127 Giant Warp Gray
128 Schwinn Criss Cros Black
129 Schwinn Clear Creek Gray
130 Next Gauntlet Black
131 Trek Mountain Track Purple
132 Next PX 6.0 White
133 Road Master Granite Peak Black
134 Schwinn Ranger Red
135 Unknown Unknown Black
136 Next Power Climber Blue
137 Fuji Neva Purple
138 Unknown Unknown Red
139 Hyper N/A Black
140 Trek N/A Blue
141 Schwinn Aluminum Comp. Turquoise
142 Unknown V2900 Blue
143 Performance M430 Red
144 Schwinn Ranger White
145 Schwinn Errand Maroon
146 Hyper Shocker 2.0 Black
147 Hyper Havoc FS Black
148 Specialized Expedition Point Beige
149 Magna Glacier Point Red
150 Next PX 4.0 Black
151 Trek Mtn. Track Black
152 Gary Fisher N/A Silver
153 Mongoose Montana Chrome
154 Fuji Espree Blue
155 Centrix N/A Black
156 Mongoose XR100 Red
157 Murray Street Cycle Blue
158 Trek 3700 Tan
159 Route 66 Prospect Silver
160 Mongoose Ledge Blue
161 Hyper Aluminum Black
162 Mongoose NX 7.3 Burgundy
163 Trek 4300 Silver
164 Nishiki Manitoba Gray
165 Trek 800 Silver
166 Next Roadmaster Black
167 Next Px 6.0 White
168 Jamis N/A Black
169 Specialized Hardrock Brown
170 Next Power X Brown
171 Giant Boulder SE Black
172 Diamondback Edgewood Black
173 Giant Iguana Blue
174 Trek 3700 Blue
175 Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Blue
176 Concept RST Blue
177 Trek Antelope Red
178 Vertical PK7 Silver
179 Schwinn High Plains Black
180 Specialized Hard Rock Black
181 Huffy Trail Runner Gray
182 Kalin N/A Black
183 Windsor Touring White
184 Specialized Hard Rock White
185 Gary Fisher Silver Series Black
186 Sunbicycles Drifter White
187 Hyper Spinfit 700C Black


  For a full list of the vehicles that will be in the auction please check the table below.

Number Make Model Year Color
V1 Chevrolet Suburban 1999 Tan
V2 Toyota  Camry 1997 Tan
V3 Ford Crown Victoria 2017 Gold
V4 Ford Explorer 1997 Black
V5 Chevrolet Corsica 1995 White
V6 Chevrolet Impala 2008 Red
V7 Ford Trailer N/A Green



There may be deletions or additions prior to the auction.

Auction items will be sold in the order that they are listed.