Each year, MSU Parking Services holds an auction for bicycles we have accumulated as a result of the bicycles being left or abandoned by the community. After the conclusion to each spring semester, the bicycles that have been determined as abandoned are picked up by Residence Life and brought to Parking Services. We then will hold an auction near the start of the following fall semester.

This year, the Annual Bicycle Auction will be held on Saturday, September 16th. The gate will open at 9:00 AM for a viewing and the bike auction will begin at 10:00 AM. The auction will take place at the MSU Police Department on the corner of South 7th Avenue and Kagy Boulevard. A full list of bicycles will be posted in various locations throughout Bozeman including, the Bozeman Public Library, City Hall, the Law and Justice Center, and in the Strand Union Building next to the Ask Us desk. 


For a full list of the bicycles that will be in the auction click below.
Bicycle Auction List 2017



 For a full list of the vehicles that will be in the auction click below.
Vehicle Auction List 2017



 Current as of September 6, 2017

There may be deletions or additions prior to the auction.

Auction items will be sold in the order that they are listed.