Parking Violations

The following are violations of the Montana State University Bicycle Regulations:

  1. Violations -- $10.00 fines
    Parking outside any bicycle rack, including:
    1. Parking on or locked to trees, or other living objects, railings, fences, posts, signs, fire hydrants, trash receptacles.
    2. Parking in or on any service drive, building entrance, driveway, bicycle way, ramp, or any other passageway to which emergency equipment, wheelchairs, pedestrians or service equipment may need access. Bicycles parked in violation of this section are subject to being impounded and charged an additional impound fee.
    3. Parking inside a building.
    4. Parking in a posted, reserved, or restricted area.


Any MSU Police Officer, or other person authorized specifically by the Chief of Police may move, relocate or impound any bicycle by removal of securing devices as necessary which is:

  1. Blocking or otherwise impeding traffic in any street, highway, roadway, path or sidewalk, stairway, or handicapped access rail, or creates any safety hazard. If bicycles are not in a rack, are subject to impoundment.
  2. Blocking or impeding normal entrance to or exit from any building on the University.
  3. Abandoned or apparently abandoned.
  4. Has been reported stolen to a law enforcement agency.
  5. Montana State University reserves the right to remove any bicycle which impedes performance or maintenance or construction to University property.
  6. The University or University Police officials authorized to remove and impound a bicycle shall not be liable to the owner of the bicycle for damage or the cost of repair or replacement of any securing device.
  7. Any bicycle impounded pursuant to any section of this chapter shall be stored in a secure facility designed for such purpose by the Chief of Police a $10.00 fee shall be charged to the owner prior to the release of any impounded bicycle. This impounded fee is in addition to fines for other violations.
  8. Release of an impounded bicycle requires an appeal or payment of outstanding citations. Unregistered bicycles must be registered prior to release.

To view the full Bicycle Regulations, click here.

Note that all bicycles must be parked in a bicycle rack or will be removed and impounded.


Registration is free. To help prevent theft and recover your bicycle if it is stolen, we encourage you to register it with the University Police.

Registration is easy to do; here’s how:

  • Complete a bicycle registration card at the MSU Police Department.
  • Make sure you include the serial number so that your bike can be traced.
  • Affix the registration decal to the frame of your bicycle.

It's that easy to protect your bicycle.



The purpose of the Montana State University bicycle program is to promote an environment in which bicycles, pedestrians, and motor vehicles can safely co-exist. Bicycles are an efficient, enjoyable, and environmentally sound way to travel around campus, and we encourage the safe and courteous use of bicycles. The following is provided to inform bicycle riders of important information regarding bicycle use at Montana State University-Bozeman.

If you ride a bicycle at MSU, please take a few moments to become
familiar with the MSU Bicycle Regulations.
The regulations can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please call us at (406) 994-2121.