Subject:  Sports Facilities Policy Manual

Policy:  Policy and Procedure Manual  

Revised:  November 14, 2012

Review Date:  November, 2015

Responsible Party:  Melanie Stocks, Director

Introduction and Purpose:

To define the guidelines for the management and utilization of MSU Sports Facilities. Policy: This is the guide for decision making. Procedures: The sequential steps necessary to carry out the policy.

  • Table of Contents
  • 100.00 Sports Facilities Buildings and Outside Facilities
  • 200.00 Scheduling Policy and Procedures
  • 300.00 Use of Facilities
  • 400.00 Attachments

100.00 Sports Facilities Buildings and Outside Facilities

Sports Facilities buildings and outside facilities are multi-purpose and meet the varied needs of the campus and the community. MSU facilities scheduled by the Sports Facilities Department are listed below.

* are coordinated with the Athletic Department
** are scheduled with the Health & Human Development Department
*** are coordinated with the Recreation Sports and Fitness Department
**** are coordinated with the Bobcat Ticket Office

110.00 Brick Breeden Fieldhouse

  • Worthington Arena
  • Hall of Fame
  • Visitors' Locker Room #122
  • Visitors' Locker Room #123
  • Visitors' Locker Room #124
  • Visitors' Locker Room #127
  • Locker Room 125*
  • Locker Room 128*
  • Locker Room 130*
  • Varsity Locker Rooms *
  • Bobcat Strength and Conditioning Center *
  • Sports Training and Rehab Center *
  • Taping and Equipment Dispersal Area *
  • South Ticket Booth****

120.00 Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center

  • South Gymnasium
  • North Gymnasium
  • Group Fitness Room # 1
  • Group Fitness Room # 2
  • Group Fitness Room # 3/ Martial Arts Room
  • Indoor Tennis Court
  • Room 175
  • Lobby ***
  • Pool
  • Shroyer Gymnasium
  • Shroyer Running Track
  • Climbing Wall ***
  • Shroyer Locker Rooms ***
  • HFC Locker Rooms ***
  • Cardio/Circuit/Weight Area***
  • Racquetball Courts ***

140.00 Bobcat Stadium

  • Stadium Club Room
  • Stadium Corporate Room
  • Visiting Team Locker Room
  • Home Locker Room
  • Media Room/Golf Facility*
  • Ticket Offices****
  • Bobcat Field *
  • Press Box *
  • Sky Suites*

150.00 Outdoor Facilities

  • 7th & Kagy Fields
  • Football Practice Fields*
  • Lambert & Roskie Fields
  • Gatton Field
  • Outdoor Tennis Courts *
  • Tennis Facility *
  • Track and Field Complex*

160.00 Additional areas not defined above or that have special requirements

  • Athletic office complexes, equipment and laundry rooms located in the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse are not available to schedule.
  • The Recreational Sport and Fitness Office complex is not available to schedule.
  • The Health and Human Development office complex in the Marga Hoseaus Fitness Center is not available to schedule.
  • Romney Gym and its classrooms are scheduled by the Registrar’s Office.

200.00 Scheduling Policies and Procedures

210.00 Categories of Users for Reservations

The following categories of building users have been established to provide guidelines for Sports Facilities scheduling.

210.10 Category I

  • Intercollegiate Athletics- Resident
  • Recreational Sports and Fitness- Resident
  • Department of Health and Human Development- Resident
  • University Community
  • Registered Student Organizations
  • Alumni Office
  • University Foundation
  • MSU Rodeo
  • Administrative, faculty, staff, and department activities conducted as the business of the University (i.e. student recruitment, registration, commencement, etc.)

210.20 Category II

  • Administration, faculty, staff, and department activities that are not directly connected with the regular business of the University
  • University Guests
  • Local, state, and federal government agencies unrelated to the University
  • Community organizations
  • Regional, national, and international organizations
  • Commercial organizations

220.00 Rental Charges and Fees

Charges for use of Sports Facilities will be based on the following:

220.10 Category I

  • No room/space rental fees shall be charged for regularly scheduled instruction, varsity athletic practices, varsity team meetings, recreational sports and fitness activities, sports events, or open gym programs. No custodial fees or event staff fees will be charged provided that the events occur during regular building hours and the events require no special set-up.
  • No room/space rental fees shall be charged for regular season intercollegiate athletic contests. Fees may be assessed for custodial and event staff.
  • No room/space rental fees shall be charged to users provided that groups do not charge admission or assess fees for the events, except in the Hall of Fame Room, the Stadium Corporate Room, and the Stadium Club Room, which have fees for all non-resident users. Fees may be assessed for custodial and event staff.
  • When admissions, assessments, or fees exist, even if they are meant just to cover costs, a rental fee will be charged. Fees will also be assessed for custodial and event staff.
  • Failure to comply with rental/use agreement terms and conditions may result in the loss of rental privileges.

220.20 Category II

  • Not-for-profit events shall be charged hourly or daily rental fees. Fees will also be assessed for custodial and event staff required.
  • For-profit events such as concerts or trade shows will be charged full daily rates that will include custodial and event staff fees if required.
  • Rental rates for long term events and/or special circumstances may be arranged with the Director of Sports Facilities.
  • A current rental rate schedule will be maintained and available to all interested parties.
  • Generally, a sponsored event must have some relationship to the sponsor's stated purpose. Sponsoring organization members must be directly involved in the planning and direction of the event in order to be exempted from room/space rental charges. When room/space use is obviously being sponsored by an organization for purposes of avoiding or reducing room/space rental rates, the sponsoring organization will be charged the full daily rental rate.
  • Failure to comply with rental/use agreement terms and conditions may result in the loss of rental privileges.

230.00 Scheduling Priorities

1. Regularly Scheduled Athletic Practices, Intramurals, Instruction, and Meetings

  • Resident groups in Category I will be scheduled into the facilities in accordance with the Priorities Schedule (Attachment 1).
  • After Category I groups are scheduled, Category II groups will be scheduled on a first come first served basis.

2. Exceptions

  • Intercollegiate Athletic Contests
  • Special Annual Category I Events (including but not limited to: Commencement, Convocation and Orientation.)
  • Special Category II Events administered by Sports Facilities (including but not limited to: concerts, trade shows, etc.)
  • ASMSU Concerts
  • Additional exceptions may be made by the Director of Sports Facilities in collaboration with Sports Facilities residents

240.00 Scheduling Procedures

240.10 Regularly Scheduled Events

  • Residents will submit, in writing, their facility-use schedules for the academic semester or summer, in accordance with the Priorities Schedule (Attachment 1).
  • Clubs/Registered Student Organizations may schedule with Recreational Sports and Fitness within blocks of time set by Recreational Sports and Fitness in accordance with the Priorities Schedule (Attachment 1).
  • Residents must notify the Sports Facilities Office of changes in the regular schedule that could make additional time available to other users.
  • After Category I residents' schedules are established, the Sports Facilities Office will make every effort to accommodate other Category I and Category II requests as completely as possible, in order of priority.

240.20 Exceptions

  • Requests for exceptions should be made, in writing, to the Director of Sports Facilities.
  • If the request meets the criteria for normal exceptions listed above, the event will be scheduled. The Director or designee will discuss the event(s) with affected users prior to scheduling if possible. Those who do not meet the criteria will be reviewed in consultation with affected Category I residents and a decision to schedule or deny will be made by the Director of Sports Facilities.
  • Special events (ex. NCAA events, rodeo, concerts and other shows) may make reservations up to five (5) years in advance if necessary to assure event may be held in the facility.
  • All potential users are encouraged to anticipate room/space needs as far in advance as possible and to make reservations as far in advance as policies allow.
  • Room/space scheduling privileges may be denied to any user who abuses the above policies by making long-term room/space reservations (beyond one academic semester) in bad faith for the purpose of holding facilities without having a planned event scheduled. All Category II users will be required to have a contract with Sports Facilities.
  • Category II users making long-term reservations (beyond one academic semester) may be required to submit a deposit on all rooms/spaces that have been definitely confirmed. The deposit will go toward room/space rental charges unless the event is canceled.
  • Confirmed reservations for fund-raising events will not be made until a completed "Request for Fund Raising Event" form is filed with and approved by the Director of Sports Facilities.

240.30 Conflicts

  • While Intercollegiate Athletics are offered priority under this policy, exceptions made within the scheduling guidelines, may cause conflicts. The following procedure will be followed in an effort to resolve them.
  • Whenever possible, resident users will accommodate regularly scheduled activity in the space and times that remain available to them.
  • When accommodation is not possible, the Director of Sports Facilities will make every effort to explore alternatives with conflicting groups.
  • The Director of Sports Facilities in consultation with the Director of the Event Services Division will come to agreement on a resolution.

240.40 Cancellation

  • When a user schedules and confirms weekly or biweekly meetings for an academic semester or longer, there will be an administrative charge to reschedule such meetings to another date and time.
  • When a user schedules and confirms a room/space and does not cancel the room/space 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting or does not show for the meeting, the user will be charged for all room/space set-up plus a percentage of those charges as a late cancellation penalty.
  • Once space has been released, that space is no longer guaranteed to the original users.
  • Cancellation of an event that requires a deposit to hold a date will result in forfeiture of the deposit if cancellation occurs less than thirty (30) days prior to the first reserved date.

300.00 Use of Facilities

301.00 Tobacco

  • All Sports Facilities will be operated in a manner to be consistent with the University Tobacco Free Policy.

302.00 Animals

  • Animals, except for service, therapy and companion animals, are not permitted in Sports Facilities unless permission is specifically granted in the Contract/Facility Use Agreement. All therapy and companion animals must be registered with the appropriate campus department and abide by the Therapy and Companion Animal Accommodation Procedures.

303.00 Bicycles, Skates, Skateboards

  • Bicycles, in-line skates, skateboards, etc. are not allowed in Sports Facilities at any time except when such activities are part of an event presentation and have been approved by the Director of Sports Facilities. Bike racks are provided at entrances.

304.00 Food and Beverages

  • All food served or brought in must meet state and federal guidelines.
  • Food may be donated and served in Sports Facilities as part of a hospitality area for the convenience of its workers, officials, etc. Under no circumstances may food be sold in a hospitality suite or provided to the public. Approval for these areas must be detailed in the Facility Use Contract. All food sold or catered in the Sports Facilities must be arranged through University Catering or Concessions. They can be reached at 406-994-3336.
  • MSU has entered into a contract with Harrington Pepsi that provides that only Pepsi Cola products will be served or advertised for sale in MSU facilities per contract #CO3-0008. MSU—Bozeman will provide the Contractor and/or its beverage partners with the signage or advertising rights identified in this contract, at any of the MSU—Bozeman Food Service facilities, for the duration of this contract. This also applies to products sold in vending machines located at the MSU—Bozeman Athletics Department. This is not applicable to products sold in vending machines at MSU—Bozeman, and products sold at the MSU Bookstore. All users will be required to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement
  • Groups bringing in outside food and samples for events such as tradeshows must complete a Temporary Food vendor Application and have it approved by the University Sanitarian.

305.00 Alcohol Policy for Events with Alcoholic Beverage Service

  • The policy of the Montana Board of Regents prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages on Montana State University property, except for locations authorized by the President. The Vice President for Student Affairs, as designee of the President, may authorize consumption and/or service of alcoholic beverages at certain events. The request for authorization of consumption and/or service of alcoholic beverages at each event is considered independently and must meet the following conditions:
    • The event must be monitored to prevent consumption of alcohol by persons not of legal age.
    • Consumption and/or service of alcoholic beverages will be approved only with a substantive event at which alcoholic beverages are not the primary focus of the event.
    • Food and non-alcoholic beverages must be made available by the event sponsor.
    • Consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages is permitted only within designated and monitored areas for the event.
    • Access to the event must be controlled by the event sponsor.
  • Before any alcoholic beverage may be served at events on the MSU campus, prior administrative approval must be obtained. If approval is not obtained before the event, alcohol service may not be allowed. It is the event sponsor’s responsibility to make sure approval is obtained prior to the event.
  • The process for approving the consumption and/or sale of alcoholic beverages originates with University Catering. University Catering will provide the event sponsor with the appropriate forms for approval of the service of alcoholic beverages.
  • If service of alcoholic beverages is approved, the event sponsor will be billed and is responsible to pay for all security as determined by the University. The level of security required is dependent on event size, nature and location of the event, effective risk management and other considerations as determined by the University.
  • University Catering is not licensed to provide alcoholic beverages. Therefore, sale or service of alcoholic beverages at any event requires the use of the licensed alcohol vendor under contract to the University. Because this is an exclusive agreement, only the University’s contract vendor is legally permitted to provide alcoholic beverages for any University events. Event sponsors who plan to provide, sell or serve alcohol must contact University Catering to reserve the services of MSU’s vendor. Direct contact by the group with the vendor to make alcohol arrangements is not permitted. University Catering can be contacted at 994-3336.
  • The following events require approval of the President’s designee, but do not require the use of University Catering and/or the University’s exclusive alcohol vendor:
    • Events at the Museum of the Rockies and University events at the MSU Foundation Building.
    • Private office parties, such as a Christmas party, where no outside guests are invited to attend if any alcoholic beverages are brought by an employee for consumption by the office staff. In no case would an outside caterer or alcohol vendor be allowed to serve alcohol on campus.
    • Private tailgate parties at the Stadium for football games, if alcoholic beverages are brought by private individuals for their personal consumption.

306.00 Ticketing Services and Box Offices

  • Sports Facilities encourages the use of the Bobcat Ticket Office for event ticketing.
  • If use of an outside ticket service is requested and approved by the Director of Sports Facilities, details and procedures will be coordinated with the Bobcat Ticket Office Manager.

307.00 Audio Visual Equipment

  • Sports Facilities can provide equipment and services that complement its multi-service facility concept. Audio-visual equipment and services are available to all users of Sports Facilities. Their rental can be arranged through the Reservationist or Operations Manager.
  • The person who reserves the equipment will be responsible for its proper operation and care during the reservation period. Damages to equipment will be charged to the person or organization that had the equipment reserved during the time period it was damaged.
  • No equipment is to leave the building unless permission is granted from the Sports Facilities Director. Audio-visual equipment and rigging equipment is to be used only in conjunction with meetings or events scheduled by Sports Facilities.
  • Equipment rental rates will be established and changed when necessary by the Sports Facilities Director. Such charges will be assessed to all Category I and II non-resident users and are necessary to maintain and periodically upgrade and/or replace old equipment.
  • Scoreboard, Shot Clocks, Possession Arrow, Portable Sports Floors and Baskets, Indoor Track, Illuminated Scorer's Tables, Arena Video Screen and Monitors may be available depending on the activity.
  • Sports Facilities can provide equipment and operators for the above listed equipment. Its use can be arranged through the Reservationist or Operation Manager.
  • The equipment must be operated by trained personnel in its proper operation and care and its use approved by Sports Facilities staff. Damages to equipment will be charged to the person or organization that had the equipment reserved during the time it was damaged.

308.00 Advertising

  • Any advertising, including banners, signs and sponsorships to be placed in a facility in conjunction with an event that is not conducted by a Category I Resident User, must be approved prior to the event by the Director of Sports Facilities. Items judged to be damaging to the reputation of the University or contrary to the best interests of the University are not permitted. In some cases the University has given certain vendors exclusive contractual rights that must be protected. Permanent signage or advertising shall not be allowed in any academic classrooms in Sports Facilities.

309.00 Fund Raising/Merchandise Sales

Sports Facilities recognizes the need for University organizations to raise money to support those organizations. One method of fund raising is sales of merchandise or services. Sports Facilities will accommodate sales, which conform to the University’s policies regarding sales, promotion and commercial activities in the facility user manual.

309.10 Policies and Procedures for fund raising/merchandise sales are:

  • Registered/recognized University organizations, MSU—Bozeman departments, and Sports Facilities or its lessees will be allowed to use designated Sports Facilities for the sale of approved merchandise/services. Whenever Sports Facilities are used to provide income to such groups, a rental will be charged. Admission charges including cash, tuition, donations, collections, or offerings of any kind will be considered income.
  • Reservations for merchandise/service sales space must be made at the Sports Facilities Office at least three (3) days prior to the date of the sale.
  • Sales of merchandise/service will only be allowed at a reserved location within Sports Facilities.
  • Sales of tickets and/or merchandise at Athletic events are not allowed without the prior consent of the Director of Athletics or his/her designee.
  • Items to be sold must be owned or on consignment to the organization holding the space reservation. The group holding the reservation must also be the party staffing the space or table.
  • Sports Facilities may retain up to 40% of gross merchandise/novelty sales of concert or commercial users.
  • Sports Facilities reserves the right to limit merchandise sales subject to the restrictions in section 309.20 of this policy manual.

309.20 Items not allowed:

  • Any fundraising activity that is in direct competition with activities or services of Sports Facilities and its tenants.
  • Food (other than that sold by University Food Service) and those items sold in vending machines stocked by an MSU approved vendor.
  • Firearms and/or ammunition.
  • Items judged to endanger the health and/or safety of individuals or groups.
  • Items judged to be damaging to the reputation of the University or contrary to the best interests of the University.

309.30 Marketing, Promotions, and Solicitations at Intercollegiate Athletic Events.

  • Community groups and campus groups may request permission to conduct raffles, sell discount cards, etc. at intercollegiate athletic events. Because these requests are numerous and may conflict with other similar efforts, the following policies are in effect:
    • Groups must submit a formal written request to the Athletic Director or designee to market, promote or solicit.
    • No more than one outside group will be given permission for any one athletic event.
    • No permission will be given for Homecoming, Bobcat-Grizzly, Big Sky Conference or NCAA tournament games.
    • The marketing/promotions/solicitation must be conducted outside the Fieldhouse or Stadium (outside the gates) at a pre-determined site(s) specified by the Athletic Department.
    • Marketing/promotions/solicitation may only be conducted from tables at the predetermined site(s); no "working the crowd" or parking lot solicitations are permitted.

309.40 Distribution or Sale of Literature and/or Solicitation of Signatures (Petitions)

  • Sports Facilities provides space for the distribution of literature and/or solicitation of signatures (petitions) by recognized University organizations. Distribution or solicitation is permitted for noncommercial handbills, leaflets, petitions, and similar materials in areas of Sports Facilities that do not impede access to the building.
  • Distribution or solicitation privileges within the buildings are limited to student organizations registered with the Office of Activities and Engagement (OAE), Montana State University—Bozeman, University faculty or staff groups, and non-University organizations which have received approval for use of University facilities.
  • The literature distribution or solicitation of signatures (petitions) policy is designed to maintain the free flow of traffic within the building and to prevent such activities from interfering with the orderly administration of University affairs.
  • No electronic voice amplification devices are permitted at the tables.
  • All distribution and displays must be confined to the designated areas. Materials and posters may not be mounted on building walls, woodwork, etc.
  • Sale or distribution of food or beverages is not permitted from distribution areas.
  • Distribution tables are solely for the distribution of literature, solicitation of signatures (petitions), information, and promotional activities. Users must maintain a quiet, orderly, and uncongested atmosphere and avoid interference with the right of others to distribute information. Violations may result in the withdrawal or suspension of the privileges to distribute literature or solicit signatures (petitions) in the building.
  • The Director of Sports Facilities will have full authority in this regard. Registered student organizations that may wish to sell articles of value must complete a "Request for Merchandise Sales" form.
  • Organizations can only reserve one (1) table per day.
  • Usage of reserved tables must begin by 11:00 a.m. If the table is not set up by that time, then the organization forfeits their reservation for that day.
  • Any material taped to a table must be removed fully when the organization leaves. If not, the organization is subject to possible loss of rights to use literature tables in the future.
  • Sponsoring organizations must mark the table with the organization's name on a placard.
  • A representative of the group using the table must remain at the table for all hours of use.

310.00 Outdoor Programming

  • Outdoor scheduling is permitted at several Sports Facilities locations during open hours:
    • Lambert Fields (8 Fields)
    • Roskie Fields (4 Fields)
    • Gatton Field
    • 7th & Kagy Fields (4 Fields)
    • Outdoor Tennis Courts
  • Common hour exam schedules must always be checked. No programming should be done during common hour exams.
  • Sports Facilities will notify all appropriate parties regarding all outdoor activities.
  • Events with amplified sound are permissible on all Sports Facilities outdoor spaces with consideration given to time of day, volume and type of activity. The Director of Sports Facilities must approve amplified sound.
  • Any event/program that requires digging holes or driving stakes into the ground (no matter how shallow) must receive explicit permission from Facility Services. Fees will be assessed.
  • Any advertising requires approval by Sports Facilities or Office of Activities and Engagement (OAE) prior to posting.

311.00 Political Campaigning

Political campaigning is allowed as outlined in item 510 of MSU’s Facility Use Manual. This policy governs all political campaign activities, including ASMSU campaigns, unless otherwise noted, conducted on University property subject to the requirements stated in this manual.

311.10 Political Campaigning Requirements

  • Campaign activities may be conducted in accordance with MSU Freedom of Expression Policy . No campaign activities are allowed within the fenced enclosure of the stadium.Campaign activities at the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse may be conducted in accordance with MSU Freedom of Expression Policy. No campaign activities are allowed within the Fieldhouse, without written notice to the Director of Sports Facilities, by the organization, which is sponsoring the specific event.
  • Within all other areas of Sports Facilities, no campaign activities are allowed, except by written invitation, and with written notice to the Vice President of Administration, by an official University organization, and in conjunction with a specific event. This provision does not apply to ASMSU campaigns.

311.11 Political Campaigning Restrictions

  • Political campaigning may be conducted in those areas specified above only if the activities do not impede pedestrian and vehicular traffic and do not disrupt the programs and activities of the University. The use of public address systems outside of University buildings is prohibited, except with the written permission of the appropriate University official.
  • If a political campaign activity is disrupting any University program or other official activity, the campaigner(s) shall be asked to cease activities and/or leave the premises.

311.12 The following restrictions on the distribution and posting of printed campaign materials apply:

  • No distribution is allowed within the Fieldhouse or Stadium, except materials pertaining to the event distributed by the University or by a private organization which has leased the facility with written approval of the Director of Sports Facilities or designee.
  • Handbills, bumper stickers, or any other similar materials may not be placed or posted on vehicles on the University campus.
  • Handbills or other printed materials may be posted on the three (3) kiosks that are located on campus, adjacent to the Strand Union Building, Montana Hall, and the Visual Communications Building. Handbills or printed material may not be placed on any other exterior surface of any University property.
  • Printed materials relating to public political campaigns may not be placed on any bulletin board or other interior surface of any University building. This restriction does not apply to ASMSU campaigns.
  • Student organizations wishing to sponsor a political candidate to conduct campaign activities in the designated areas of the Fieldhouse or Stadium should contact the Director of Sports Facilities.

400.00 Attachments