Eligibility Requirement

Membership in Staff Senate is comprised of elected and appointed representatives who meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Classified Employment Category
  • Union or union-exempt
  • 0.5 FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) or greater
  • Completed probationary period by the commencement of the Election Process or Appointment

Elected Representatives

A minimum of two representatives are elected from each Classified Employment Category (EEO):

  • Classified Professional
  • Skilled Craft
  • Secretarial / Clerical
  • Service / Maintenance
  • Technical / Paraprofessional

As well as one representative elected at large to represent Off-Campus classified employees, regardless of EEO category. Elections are held in April / May of each year. The term of office is three years and terms begins in August of the year elected. Newly elected members may attend Staff Senate meetings following their election, but will not become voting members until the August meeting. Elected members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. Learn more about the Procedure for the Election of Staff Senate members.

Appointed Committee Representatives

Appointed members represent the Staff Senate on University Committees and will be appointed according to each committee's bylaws. Staff Senate has representation on over 20 MSU committees and it is through participation on these committees that classified employees are able to keep up with the pulse of MSU and effect change when necessary.

  • Volunteer to represent classified staff by serving on a University Council, Committee, Board, or Task Force.  Submit a Committee Application Form or mail a paper copy to the Staff Senate office.

Representatives actively participate in the work of their committee, which is key to providing Staff Senate the information vital to our role in shared governance at MSU and ensuring the views of classified staff are taken into consideration in the decision making process.

  • Representatives attend committee meetings as determined by each committee
  • Representatives regularly submit a report of issues discussed by each committee
  • Representatives bring issues of particular importance to Staff Senate's specific attention as necessary
  • Representatives attend Staff Senate meetings (link to the Staff Senate meeting schedule)

Classified employees are normally allowed to attend these meeting during working hours while being paid, but this time is subject to supervisor approval. Learn more about the Procedure for the Selection of Staff Senate Committee Representatives.